Environment Care

B- Environmental Protection Program:

The company since startup has implemented very clear policy regarding protection of environment through adoption of zero or minimum effluent processes in order to achieve this goal. Following this policy strictly has lead the company to be in the first position and get the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY) Environmental Award for secondary industries for the last three years consecutively.

Environmental Management System (EMS):

The company has implemented an environmental management system (EMS) based on the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards requirements as a way of demonstrating environmental leadership, commitment to continual improvement and environmental responsibility to all parties involved or concerned with the existence and continuity of CHEMANOL.

The company has developed its EMS covering all activities occurring within its operations in its complex at Al-Jubail Industrial City and known as the EMS boundary. These operations are listed in EMS manual. The EMS addresses all environmental aspects that may have a significant impact on the environment arising from activities within the EMS boundary.

Our EMS covers the primary components and all elements involved in the standard to produce a framework for managing and continually improving environmental performance.

We are in the process of certification for ISO 14001 as we are consulting some of the available certification bodies, to sign the certification contract with them.

REACH Certification compliance:

The company is already REACH compliant as it had already finished the pre-registration requirements since August 2008. The complete registration will be done as per the time plan 2008 – 1010 - 2013, set by ECHA Europe.