About CHEMANOL (former Saudi Formaldehyde Chemical Company Limited) is a grass root, second generation petrochemical complex located in the Secondary Industries Park at Madinat Al Jubail Al Sinaiyah (Jubail Industrial City), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, manufacturing premium grade Methanol Derivatives, such as Aqueous & Urea Formaldehydes, Formaldehyde derivatives, super plasticizers and various Amino resins, which have a diverse applications including agricultural fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, solvents, intermediates, laminates / wood industry, plastics, paper and the production of various types of concrete admixtures.

CHEMANOL is a true manifestation of the objectives of the Saudi Ministry of Industry & Ministry of Electricity and the GCC, which jointly encourage industrial cooperation between its citizens. Chemanol’s business model is based on utilization of the Kingdom’s natural hydrocarbon resources to achieve substitution of imports by establishing petrochemical units to manufacture downstream products and the implementation of export oriented projects using the vast industrial infrastructure made available by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Initially developed, promoted and financed by a group of leading industrialists from the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries, Methanol Chemicals Company (CHEMANOL) has recently transformed in to a closed Saudi Joint-Stock Company.

Since its inception in 1989, CHEMANOL has earned the reputation of being a world class, dependable and quality conscious manufacturer possessing a very sophisticated marketing and logistical support system to which many GCC and overseas customers can testify.

The company is committed to advancing its leading position in the specialty chemicals by way of investment and by undertaking primary research and development work to produce tailor-made product formulations that meet specified customer requirements, particularly in the field of the Amino Resins. In-house research has facilitated development of several special product grades which reside in the domain of guarded technology.


CHEMANOL is a name coined from the phrase “Chemicals from Methanol”. It emphasizes that CHEMANOL is a specialty chemicals company that derives its products from Methanol. Chemanol has recently completed SR 2.4 billion growth and expansion plan projects which has taken its annual production capacity to almost one million metric tons of Methanol, formaldehyde and derivatives products. The methanol capacity of 231,000 tons a year will be entirely consumed internally to produce the downstream products, With the completion of the expansion/diversification projects CHEMANOL is one of the world's most integrated Methanol/Formaldehyde & derivatives producer having largest capacity in Middle East and Africa region


# Name Description
1 M/S Haldor Topsoe Formaldehyde
2 M/S Libra Agencies Pvt limited Hexamine & Para
3 M/S Techno Thermoset Super Plasticizers
4 M/S Comp Engineering SNF Powder (Dryer supply only)
5 In-house technologies Liquid resins, Slow reactivity Para, One shot and MUF resins
6 M/S APV Anhydro Resin Dryers (supply only).
7 M/S Comp Engineering Resin Dryers (supply only).
8 M/S Perstop Specialty Chemicals (Sweden) Pentaerythritol & Sodium Formate
9 M/S Libra Techcon ltd & Laxmi Organic Ltd. Acetaldehyde
10 M/S Halder Topsoe, Denmark Methanol / Carbon Monoxide (CO)
11 Davy Process Technology, Ltd., UK Mono/Di/Tri Methylamines / Di Methyl Formamide (DMF)