Why Chemanol?

We are committed to meet current and future Corporate Challenges which attracts, develops and retains qualified workforce in fostering the work environment that will harness employees loyalty and commitments, honesty and integrity in rewarding their sincerity and dedication to achieve CHEMANOL's vision in a productive, safety and healthy environment increases individual and organization effectiveness in adding value to the company's profitability.

CHEMANOL’s compensation package varies by education level, experience and position. We offer challenging and interesting work environment in giving competitive salary and beneficial package.

The salary and benefit packages are regularly reviewed and will remain competitive. Other benefits and allowances may include :

- Basic salary
- Housing allowance
- Transportation allowance
- Shift allowance
- Career development & Training
- Annual leave
- Medical Insurance
- Family Status
- Education Allowance
- Home Ownership Programme for Saudis (HOP)
- Merit increments & bonus